12 December 2017St Benedict's Junior School

Vicious Vikings invade St Benedict's

A Vicious Vikings day, devised and hosted by St Benedict’s School, Ealing, was attended by children from six west London primary schools recently. A range lively of activities gave an overview of Viking history, and their influence on Britain.

To get into the Viking spirit, everyone began by creating their very own Viking name, taking inspiration from Harold Fine-Hair and Eirik Ale-Lover. Children then charted the routes of the Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Vikings with a mapping exercise. This illustrated the extent of Viking exploration, as they crossed the Atlantic to Iceland, Greenland and North America in longboats strong enough for oceans but agile enough for rivers. The Deputy Head, Mr Ramsden, presented a colourful history of the Vikings from around 800 when they started to raid the British Isles. The children learned that the ferocious, plundering Vikings eventually settled down to become peaceful farmers, and that they didn't have horns on their helmets. Finally, everyone sang and composed raucous Viking chants and songs, with Director of Music, Mr Chris Eastwood.

Vicious Vikings Day was attended by children in Year 5 from St Benedict's Junior School, Mount Carmel and St Gregory’s in Ealing, and Bassett House, Kew College and Falcon School for Girls. Everyone enjoyed the event's cross-curricular activities, and the opportunity to meet children from other schools.