30 November 2017St Benedict's Junior School

Trips to Hampton Court and the Golden Hinde

As part of their Travel and Treason topic this term, Years 5 and 6 have been studying the Wars of the Roses, Tudor England and the Elizabethans.

Trips to Hampton Court and the Golden Hinde have brought their learning to life, enabling them to follow in the footsteps of Henry VIII, Cardinal Wolsey, Elizabeth I, Sir Francis Drake, and a host of other historical figures from this fascinating period of history.

At Hampton Court, the children explored the world of Henry VIII and took part in a drama workshop based on Tudor exploration. The astronomical clock proved to be very popular and the ghost story of Catherine Howard certainly captured their imaginations. The children were amazed by the enormity of the building, from the kitchens to the many state rooms and bed chambers.

Next, they visited the Golden Hinde, the Tudor galleon captained by Sir Francis Drake.

Here, the children learned about Elizabethan England, world exploration and navigation, Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe, how the Golden Hinde was sailed, and many gruesome facts about life at sea.

The topic will conclude with a Tudor Christmas banquet at the end of term!