16 March 2018St Benedict's Junior School

Science Week at St Benedict's Junior School

Science Week at St Benedict's Junior School proved to be as thrilling and explosive as anticipated! Workshops were held all week, with every child encountering some new aspect of the scientific world.

Activities kicked off with Techno Tim, who brought tactile chemistry to life. His ‘Rainbow Bubbles’ workshop enchanted children in years 1 and 2, with touchable bubbles and delicious, tongue tingling sherbet.  They also discovered that white light is actually a spectrum of colours. Years 3 and 6 explored the murky world of chemicals by testing the pH (acidity) of household products and then had lots of fun creating their own slime.

Next, years 4 and 5 enjoyed STEM workshops with Jeremy King from Engineering in Schools, making strong structures from rods of newspaper. Year 5 showed off their knowledge and the application of 3D shapes in the construction of ingenious free standing shelters.  The end results were not only pleasing to the eye but sturdy too -Robinson Crusoe would have been green with envy!

There were workshops for Nursery and Reception children, too. It’s never too young to start, and they had a lot of fun concocting their own extra strong bubble mixture and investigating chemical reactions by mixing vinegar and sodium bicarbonate - the result: erupting volcanoes! 

The week finished with a BANG (literally), when science teachers from St Benedict's Senior School demonstrated different tests for gases, the explosive reaction between oxygen and hydrogen, and made elephant toothpaste.