Holme Grange Pupils visit 3M for Careers in Science

Holme Grange School | 16 Mar 2018
On Tuesday 13th March, Year 9 and 10 pupils visited 3M in Bracknell to investigate the range of careers that science can lead to.
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They were split into two groups and did two different activities. The first group went to speak to some 3M employees about their jobs and the path they took in education to reach it.  The second group went to the innovation centre. In the innovation centre, they looked at multiple designs and products that 3M research, make and sell. These products ranged from electrical wire to go across pylons; a liquid that feels dry and puts out fires and doesn't break or affect phones and other electronics, ear defenders that block out background sound from machines, and amplified voices.

After visiting the innovation centre and being fascinated by things that we did not know existed, we swapped over to talk to the 3M employees. They talked to staff who had a variety of jobs and had been employed for different lengths of time. They explained their choices in education, the GCSEs they took and what some of them did or are doing at University. We learnt that you can take several routes and end up in quite similar positions, such as an apprenticeship or a gap year in university, or moving to another country to complete your degree.  This was really good advice especially to do with Universities and work experience.All in all, it was a very interesting way to appreciate the very different experiences and stories at a company that is only a few miles away in Bracknell. By Abi Year 9 

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