19 April 2017Eagle House

Godspell Rocks Audiences

This year's major production, Godspell, left audiences wanting more! Packed with great tunes and wonderful improvisational scenes that showcased abundant energy from the 130 cast members, this Stephen Schwartz Broadway smash was a definite hit.

The Wilde Theatre in Bracknell was the venue for Eagle House's latest incredible show, Godspell, and it was turned into the round, creating an intimate and atmospheric setting.  Cast members ranged from Year 5 to Year 8 and the stage was filled with joyous energy shown through song, dance and improvisation.  The show tells the story of Jesus from Matthew's Gospel and was revised on Broadway in 2012 and this was the version staged by this talented cast.  The show never lost its energy and audiences loved the ever changing dynamics of the musical, taking you all the way from laughter in the retelling of parables to tears in the very moving crucifixion scene.

Songs such as Day by Day, Prepare Ye and Learn Your Lessons Well were beautifully sung and vibrant, compelling choreography entranced as the production moved towards its mournful ending.  Godspell is a tough piece of theatre and doing it in the round presents all sorts of interesting issues, but this young cast were sensational.  To see this many children on stage giving so much focus and obviously having a great time too is what theatre should be about.

The Wilde Theatre was a perfect setting for the show and everyone involved created something very special.

Well done to all the cast and crew.  Godspell 2017 will live with us all for some time to come.