11 May 2018Bedford Preparatory School

Gerbil Pups at Bedford Prep

Bedford Prep School was delighted to announce the pitter-patter of tiny feet - part of a new nature project on reproduction and life-cycles.

Pupils were delighted when one of the school's gerbils gave birth to seven tiny pink pups - and they were able to act as midwives for the tiny creatures.

The birth of the pups was witnessed by most boys in Year 6 (as well as a number of boys from other year groups), who impressed their teachers with their mature response and intelligent questions. The boys will now observe and weigh Rosa and her pups daily as part of their reproduction and life cycle topic.

The gerbils are among a number of creatures that the pupils have been studying - thanks to a grant from the Bedford School Trust. Other projects include a Fire Salamander, tropical freshwater fish, saltwater marine fish, shrimp and coral and stick and leaf insects.

The pupils will monitor the water quality of the marine creatures and observe the life-cycles of the fast-growing stick and leaf insects in the project that will provide greater educational experiences.