08 February 2018Hallfield School

Could this be the best lesson ever?

Year 3 gets chocolate tasting, all in the name of research.

In the words of our Year 3s - English lessons have been somewhat ‘AMAZING’ this term.

Today’s lesson saw them do a spot of chocolate tasting as part of their work on ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

They each took a chocolate, ate it and described it in a short poem using a simile and two adjectives. Their classmates then had to guess which chocolate they were describing in their poem.

Also this term, the seven and eight year olds have been studying playscripts. They’ve written their own, based on the scene where Augustus falls into the chocolate river.

Plus, they’ve looked at the different characters and focused on story structure; build-up, dilemma and resolution, as well as the importance of a name. After spending some time researching the work of Roald Dahl and his descriptive writing, the children went on to design their own character and write their own chapter, using the same structure.

Their work has been so impressive it’s even made it on display!