14 December 2017St Benedict's Junior School

Back to Tudor England

In between carol singing and nativity plays, children at St Benedict's Junior School, Ealing, west London, enjoyed a Tudor Day, which brought this term's Travel and Treason topic to a colourful close.

Everyone in Years 5 and 6 came to school in resplendent Tudor costumes, exchanging their St Benedict’s uniforms for rich velvet, ostrich plumes, jewels and elaborate hats.

The day began with Tudor games: not a computer screen in sight, the children played chess, card games, backgammon and 'Goose', an early form of Snakes and Ladders. It was then time for something more energetic, as they mastered the complicated steps of Tudor dances. Finally, everyone tucked in to a festive Tudor Banquet of chicken drumsticks and pies!

The Travel and Treason topic began with the Wars of the Roses and finished in Elizabeth I’s reign. The children have learned about Tudor art, and the messages conveyed by royal portraits; Henry VIII’s six wives, and the Dissolution of the Monasteries; Shakespeare; Tudor maps, navigation and exploration. The children have enjoyed wonderful trips to Hampton Court and the Golden Hinde, where they learned all about the voyages of Sir Francis Drake and life aboard a Tudor galleon.