Moulsford Pre-Prep School Council

Moulsford Preparatory School | 5 Mar 2019 | Top News Story
Moulsford Prep School's youngest boys air their thoughts at a school council meeting
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Pre-Prep School Council meeting

Last week a group of Pre-Prep boys from Moulsford met with Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Hamilton-Smith, for a School Council meeting. The boys brought with them a huge number of ideas which they had gathered during class discussions.

There was a common theme from the Bobcats, the school's Reception class, and that was tractors! The boys were very keen to have more tractor toys in the Pre-Prep playground and would also like a visiting speaker who could teach them more about tractors!

Other ideas that were discussed were pets in the classrooms (snakes and a fish tank were popular suggestions) and also the addition of monkey bars in the playground. It was agreed that a bouncy castle might have to be saved for special occasions!

There were some great suggestions, many of them very creative, and Mr Hamilton-Smith is going to go away and think about how he can bring some of the ideas to life.

About Moulsford Preparatory School

Moulsford is a thriving independent Prep School of boys aged 4-13 years, set in tranquil and picturesque grounds on the banks of the River Thames surrounded by the rolling hills of South Oxfordshire.

Parents are faced with so many choices when making decisions about their child’s education, and there is no doubt that choosing a school is a huge and emotional commitment. 

At Moulsford, the message is straightforward. We want our boys to receive the broadest possible education, while remembering that they will learn best when happy and settled. Our down-to-earth, family-focussed approach embraces the fact that boys of this age should be having fun at the same time as learning.

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