Heatherton Introduces Wellbeing Dogs

As part of Children's Mental Health Week, Heatherton introduced their pupils to their new Wellbeing Dogs Bluebell and Silver. Both the pupils and the dogs had a great week getting to know each other.

Class 3 wellness morning 2

Wellness Week at Broomwood Hall

Broomwood Hall celebrated Wellness Week with a range of initiatives dedicated to inspiring wellness and wellbeing throughout the school - from pupils to parents to staff.

Hands up if you ever feel worried?

Child Mental Health Week at Moulsford

Moulsford Prep School has been focusing on Child Mental Health Week to help the boys feel more positive and to empower them to talk about their worries and feelings.

19.02.01-SMC-37 SM

A Story Behind Every Face

In collaboration with Contact the Elderly, boys at Caldicott have been working with local elderly residents to discover their stories. They have invited them for tea parties, cake mornings, interviewed them and become pen pals.

Have passport, will travel!

As part of a new initiative to support the curriculum teaching of British Fundamental Values, teachers at the Falcons Pre-Preparatory School for Boys in Chiswick have been busy handing out 'Pupil Passports' to their boys to send them on their way.

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