Noteworthy Success for Kitebrook Musicians

Kitebrook Preparatory School | 23 Jan 2019
Talented pupils at Kitebrook School have been celebrating musical success: all six pupils who were submitted for their instrument examinations passed with top marks.
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The three boys and three girls, the youngest of whom is just 9 years old, achieved their marks of distinction across Grades 1 and 2, for singing, musical theatre, clarinet, cornet and violin.

Director of Music, Julian Harris, said: “We are so proud of the efforts of the children; their diligence and flair has reaped rewards and we will encourage them to continue to excel with their musical talents.”


Back L-R: Charlotte M. - Singing Grade 2; Marina H. - Musical Theatre Grade 2; Alice F. - Singing Grade 2.

Front L-R: Rawdon D. - Cornet Grade 1; Hector R. - Clarinet Grade 1; Wilbur S. - Violin Grade 1.

About Kitebrook Preparatory School

Kitebrook is an IAPS preparatory school.

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