Chinthurst celebrates Reading Week by dropping everything to read.

Chinthurst School | 22 Mar 2019
The children and staff of Chinthurst School took part in a week long Drop Everything And Read initiative as part of a focus on reading in the run up to World Book Day. Everyone, from age 2 to 62, took part.
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Reception children enjoyed 15 minutes of quiet reading

Reading Week is always great fun at Chinthurst with plenty of activities in the run up to World Book Day. This year, the whole school took part in Drop Everything And Read (DEAR). Everyone (staff included) carried their favourite book with them each day. When the klaxon sounded, they stopped what they were doing, settled down and enjoyed 15 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted reading. On World Book Day, the children and staff brought the characters from their books to life by donning an array of clever and colourful costumes and this added a wonderful dimension to their 15 minutes of reading time.

Head of English, Will Beadle said “Our children have a tremendous enthusiasm for reading a variety of literature and I was delighted to see that they truly embraced the DEAR initiative. All members of the school ‘dropped’ everything they were doing and simply took time out of their hectic schedules to get comfy and read. With everyone involved, it was a wonderful way to show the children that enjoyment from reading is indeed ageless”.

Headteacher, Cathy Trundle said ‘I was delighted to see everyone coming together in true Chinthurst fashion to embrace reading. The initiative delivered an important message to the children that reading is fun, whatever age you are!’

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Photo: Year 5 read to Reception children
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Photo: The children read lots of different books

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