All set for Adventure at Hanford

Hanford School | 14 Nov 2018 | Featured Story
A week long festival of adventure and exploration organised by Hanford school to inspire and challenge their girls.
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Raft Making at Hanford

Hanford School organised a festival dedicated to the world of adventure and exploration. A fantastic week of talks and workshops designed to kick off their school year’s theme of ‘Spirit of Adventure.’ Girls throughout the school learnt new skills such as bush crafting and raft building. The raft they built, pictured above, worked so well the girls went on to kayak down the River Stour.

Meanwhile on dry land the speakers Kate Philp, Duncan Slater, John Bradshaw and Ed Parker, co-founder of Walking With The Wounded all talked about how physical impairments are no impediment to adventure. Sarah Outen, who circumnavigated the world by bike, kayak and ocean rowing held her audience mesmerised as she went blow by blow, literally in the case of ocean rowing, through her incredible journey.

Explorers such as local adventurer Pen Hadow, James Ketchell and Ella Al-Shamahi, from BBC’s ‘Meet the Ancestors’, reminded us of our environmental responsibilities by showing how their work fits into a global context. Closer to home athletes Anna McNuff and Sally Orange showed how essential a sense of fun and a positive mental attitude are when starting out on any new challenge. These were just a few of the highlights of a week that left the audience’s eyes, minds and hearts to making the impossible possible.

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Hanford School is a iaps for girls aged 7 to 13 in Dorset. Girls at Hanford enjoy a country life in a relaxed family atmosphere and at the same time maintain a standard of work that will enable them to fulfil their own potential.

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