Scintillating science impresses judges in Monmouth

Monmouth School Boys' Prep | 30 Apr 2019
Young researchers showcased their impressive projects at the fourth annual Monmouth Science Fair.
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The winners.

Young researchers showcased their impressive projects at the fourth annual Monmouth Science Fair.

Year 6 pupils at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep and Monmouth School Girls’ Prep were joined, at the Blake Theatre, by two pupils from Raglan Primary School.

And the Raglan duo, 11-year-old Gabby Harris and 10-year-old Sophie Baker, were highly commended for their research into why bigger musical instruments make bigger sounds.

The judges, all professional scientists, were delighted by the level of science and the children’s understanding of the experiments and results.

Boys’ Prep pupils Freddie Melzer, Tom Cleverly, Sam Carver, John Newington-Bridges and Neil Lawlor won the best project prize for their investigation into how sound is affected by liquids of different densities.

Girls’ Prep pupils Stacey Mushangwe and Lucy Hughes were the runners-up for their research into how a person’s age impacts on their heart-rate and reflexes.

Girls’ Prep pupils Ffion Phillips and Connie Humphries, who investigated the acidity in sweets, and Kathryn Rees, Maisie Aldridge and Grace Fernandez-Ford, who used chromatography solvents to analyse sweets, finished joint third.

Event organiser, Dr Sion Wall, Science and Technology teacher and Co-ordinator at Monmouth School Boys’ Prep, said: “The standard of research at the science fair keeps getting higher every year.

“It was fantastic to see many of the teams conducting experiments on the day so that the visitors and judges could be part of the research.

“It was wonderful to have two students from Raglan Primary School despite it being their Easter holidays. Gabby and Sophie were highly commended for their outstanding piece of research.”

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Photo: Raglan Primary School.
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Photo: The runners-up.
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