Author Mitch Johnson visits Northcote Lodge

Using the much loved theme of football in his debut book 'Kick', author Mitch Johnson got the boys reflecting on important topics such as child labour and the impact that fast fashion has on the environment.

National Dress

Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Sustainability

Chandlings Prep School recently took part in International Day when the children can ‘visit’ over 20 different countries celebrating the nationalities represented at Chandlings. International Day is embraced by the whole school community with around 40 parents from a variety of countries hosting stalls which every child visits to listen, taste and experience different cultures.


Froebelian Pupil Ranked 1st Place

Year 6 pupil at The Froebelian School, Horsforth, Rithwik Gururaj, is celebrating having been ranked first place in the recent entrance exam for The Crossley Heath School in Halifax.

Outdoor Day 7th Nov 19 054

Chandlings takes part in Global Outdoor Classroom Day

Children at Chandlings went outdoors to play and learn on Thursday 7 November 2019, as part of the global Outdoor Classroom Day campaign. The campaign – started in the UK in 2012 – aims to make outdoor play and learning part of every child’s day as organisers say it is critical to children’s health, wellbeing and happiness.

LJS celebrate Roald Dahl

Each year, LJS celebrate LJS, our children come as an array of characters and our teachers find the most innovative ways of bringing Roald Dahl stories into their lessons.

Caldicott STEAM Fair 2019

The second Caldicott STEAM Fair was back with a bang this year with boys entering a range of new, interesting and at times quirky inventions.

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