Science Fair 1

Springfield Science Fair

On Friday 15 March, RGS Springfield held their first School Science Fair, to conclude a week of fabulous Science activities, in celebration of British Science Week.

Whole school photo

Pi Recital to 417 Digits!

Two girls at Halstead Preparatory School, both in Year 4, helped each other memorise Pi to 417 decimal places! Their individual recitations came as part of the whole school’s celebration of Pi Day on March 14th.


STEM Week at The Croft

Do you know your Ursa Major from your Ursa Minor? Where are you going to find Orion’s Belt? Year 2 children from both Thomas Jolyffe Primary School and The Croft Preparatory School can tell you!

Bede’s Prep Hosts CSI Day

Bede’s Prep School in Eastbourne recently invited Year 6 children from local schools across the county including Ocklynge School, St John’s Meads, Tollgate Junior School, West Rise Junior School and Willingdon Primary School, for a CSI Day.

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